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With over six decades of experience, H & R Johnson (“HRJ”) is the pioneer of ceramic tiles in India. HRJ offers a diversified product portfolio of tiles, sanitaryware, bath fittings and engineered marble & quartz and provides end-to-end solutions to its customers.
The Company, along with its joint venture partners, has one of the largest manufacturing capacities in the domestic ceramic industry aggregating approximately 61 million square meters per annum across 10 manufacturing plants in India.
HRJ’s products are sold under several strong brands, viz. Johnson Tiles, Johnson Marbonite, Johnson Porselano, Johnson Endura, Johnson Bathrooms, Johnson International and Johnson Marble & Quartz. The division has a wide distribution network of around 1,300 dealers and operates 21 large-format Experience Centres displaying HRJ’s wide range of products.
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Manufacturing Plants
61 mn m2
Tiles Capacity* * Total ceramic/vitrified tiles of HRJ, including its joint ventures and subsidiaries
HRJ Dealers
Experience Centres
The Johnson brand name is globally associated with high-quality design-led products, especially wall and floor tiles.
With over six decades of experience, H & R Johnson (HRJ) is among the largest ceramic tiles players in India. HRJ offers an end-to-end solution in tiles, sanitaryware & bath fittings, engineered marble & quartz and construction chemicals.
Johnson Tiles
A wide range of Ceramic tiles available in different sizes and surface finishes for serving a variety of exterior and interior wall & floor applications. Ceramic tiles varieties in design and colour allow you to create a unique and appealing atmosphere for every space whether commercial or residential.
Johnson Marbonite
Johnson Marbonite India's No. 1 vitrified tiles range made with a focus on aesthetics, durability & high quality. An exquisite range of tiles apt for residential and commercial floor applications and available in polished and matt surface finish.
Johnson Porselano
Most versatile range of Glazed vitrified tiles and slabs available in varied sizes and surface textures, these are designed to suit modern lifestyles that emphasise health, hygiene, safety, environmental awareness, and aesthetics.
Johnson Endura
Heavy-duty and Special purpose industrial tiles designed for specific purposes, for example, high traffic tiles for high-usage areas, staircase solutions, swimming pool tiles, exterior wall cladding, ‘Tactiles’ for public spaces to assist visually impaired people, anti-static tiles for server rooms, among others.
Johnson Bathrooms
H&R Johnson also offers a wide range of bathroom solutions covering Bath fittings, Sanitaryware and Accessories. The Germ-free sanitaryware range with unique antibacterial and antiviral properties is an outcome of the breakthrough silver nanotechnology that helps keep bathrooms cleaner and hygienic. Johnson International – An exquisite range of premium Sanitaryware and bath fittings skilfully blends design and functionality and lends an international fervour to your bathroom space.
Johnson Marble & Quartz
Johnson Marble & Quartz are inspired by the unprecedented beauty of natural marble, the product line bridges the gap between nature and technology by maintaining the look and feel of natural marble while eliminating all the inherent problems prevalent in natural products.
Prism Johnson’s HRJ division has an R&D facility that is recognised by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), as well as various academic bodies.
HRJ has a team of young scientists and researchers who work under guidance of senior reputed scientists to maintain its technological edge. In its history of last 60+ years, HRJ has launched many inventions and exclusive features that the tile industry has seen so far. HRJ has also been granted 5 patents for its innovative product offerings, mainly for anti-static tiles, soluble salt, anti-oxidation refractory frit and an antimicrobial powder
Experience Centres
HRJ’s 21 experience centres are spread across the country, mostly in metros, tier-1 and tier-2 cities.
Prism Cement
Prism RMC