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Prism Johnson is an equal opportunity employer and diversity is highly valued and encouraged. The Company aims to provide a work culture that is most conducive to both the professional and personal growth of its people, while working towards creating a capable organisation.
One of the greatest strengths of the Company is its dedicated group of employees who bring a wide array of skills and years of experience with them. Over the years, the Company’s diverse and skilled employee base has enabled the Company to differentiate itself as an organisation. To this end, Prism Johnson values its employees and constantly endeavours to foster an inclusive and safe work environment, where employees have the right opportunities to grow. The Company’s employee friendly policies and practices ensure transparency and value the feedback and ideas of employees.

The Company’s Human Resource strategy is driven by the evolving requirements of the Company and human capital risks (such as employee retention, requisite skill building and many more) that the Company looks to mitigate at large.
As of March 31, 2022, Prism Johnson had 5,170 employees actively involved in fulfilling organisational purpose and creating value for customers, shareholders, investors, and the communities where it operates.
Training and Development Initiatives

Prism Johnson’s utmost priority is to invest in upskilling and training of employees that helps enhance employee productivity. The Company provides induction training programmes, on-the-job training, up-skilling programmes, including safety at workplace, stress management, conflict management, and team-building activities, total production management, 5S-workplace organisation system, among others.
High Focus on Health and Safety

Prism Johnson’s primary occupational and health goal is to be an accident-free workplace. Each person within the organisation has equal responsibility for ensuring workspace safety. Contractors and contractual workers also come under the purview of the Company’s health and safety endeavours. A safety communication meeting is conducted every month to impart safety awareness and communicate about relevant changes or updates to the workers. Various hands-on safety trainings are provided to all permanent and temporary workers, including Industrial Safety and Road Safety, Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) safety training, Height Pass training, safety training for drivers, scrap handling training and many more.

Sustainability Approach Overview
Creating stakeholder value
Safeguarding the environment
Supporting Communities