Safety, Health & Environment

The Company has environmental, health and workplace safety programmes in place and has established policies and procedures aimed at ensuring compliance with applicable legislative requirements. The manufacturing and marketing operations are conducted to ensure sensitivity towards environment and ensure waste reduction by encouraging ‘Green’ practices. Efficient management and use of renewable resources including use of biomass fuels, non-renewable resources including fossil fuels and wind electricity is encouraged. Reduction, re-use and recycling of industrial waste are facilitated.

Due to these initiatives, HRJ Division earned 23,825 CER (carbon credits). The Company believes that the health and safety of the workers and the persons residing in the vicinity of its plants is fundamental to the business. Commitment to the identification and elimination or control of workplace hazards for the protection of all is of utmost importance. The cement plants at Satna and all the tile plants of the Company are ISO 9001:2008, 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified. The cement plants at Satna and the packing unit at Allahabad have been accredited the ISO 50001:2011 Certificate of the Energy Management Systems. The Company’s training programmes on health and safety reach out to all the people and ensure their commitment to follow the same in their day-to-day activities. Measures for the safety of employees’ training, welfare and development continue to get top priority at all levels, which are reflected in the improved quality and efficiency. This is achieved by :

  • investigating the causes of accidents and incidents and developing effective preventative and remedial action
  • training employees to carry out their jobs safely and productively; maintaining a high degree of emergency preparedness
  • requiring vendors and contractors to comply with applicable safety and health standards; and
  • conducting medical camps to provide basic healthcare to the under-privileged.